Wheels of Hope
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Wheels of Hope

There are many worthy vehicle donation programs out there, but Wheels of Hope is different in an exciting way.

While most charities sell the vehicles they receive, Wheels of Hope puts the vehicles back into the hands of truly needy and deserving people.

Give the gift of transportation by donating your vehicle to Wheels of Hope today.

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* gifted vehicle

Make a Donation

Whether your vehicle is in good shape or a "junker," Wheels of Hope welcomes your donation.

Most donated cars are put back on the road after any necessary repairs. All other cars are still useful for salvage.

Your donation is 100% tax-deductible, and free towing is available. Cash donations are welcome, too.

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* family dinner

Need Help?

If you find yourself in hardship and are in need of transportation, please don't hesitate to apply for assistance.

To protect the dignity of the people we help, Wheels of Hope doesn't just give away cars for free. Rather, we offer vehicles at a greatly discounted price to make them affordable to any qualified applicant. It’s a measure of respect that our recipients appreciate and we believe in.

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Wheels of Hope

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