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About Wheels of Hope

Have you ever thought about donating your vehicle to a non-profit organization? Have you ever wondered what happens to your donated vehicle?

The truth is that most vehicles donated to charitable organizations are simply sold by the charity, with the proceeds in turn funding the aims of the organization. Although the charities undoubtedly do good things with the proceeds, the bottom line is that the car is not put back into the hands of needy and deserving people.

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That is where Wheels of Hope is truly different.

Wheels of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable cars to those who need them most.

When you donate your car to Wheels of Hope, we fix it and get it back on the road, driven by a deserving new owner in need of basic transportation.

Here’s how the ministry works:

  1. You donate your car to Wheels of Hope.

  2. If the car is economically repairable, Hart Automotive donates the labor needed to restore the vehicle to road-worthy condition.

  3. Once the vehicle is fixed, Wheels of Hope sells the vehicle at cost—equal to the price of insurance, inspections, and replacement parts—to a qualifying needy individual.

  4. If the car is in such shape that it is not economically repairable, then—like other charitable organizations—Wheels of Hope simply sells the vehicle as-is, and the proceeds go towards repairs for other vehicles donated to the program.

In this way, your donation directly provides much-needed transportation to someone who otherwise could not afford it.

Through the Wheels of Hope program, you can truly make a difference in someone’s life, not simply by handing them money, but by giving them the means to make a better life for themselves.

So please consider donating your car to Wheels of Hope. Your donation is tax-deductible, and the towing is free.


Wheels of Hope vehicle recipient

Wheels of Hope vehicle recipient

Wheels of Hope

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